Custom Laser System

STI has been a pioneer in the development of discharge lasers, including carbon dioxide (CO2) and excimer lasers.  Our focus is on developing new applications for lasers and optical systems, and building custom laser systems with unique capabilities.

With DARPA support, STI built and delivered a laser system for producing trains of 100-ps laser pulses tunable over all the lasing bands of the CO2 laser.  These ultrashort pulses are 1000 times shorter than those produced by conventional transverse-excited-atmospheric (TEA) CO2 lasers.  Ours is the first CO2 laser system built with these characteristics and to our knowledge, the only one that exists in the world.  The system has been installed at the Army AMRDEC facility in Hunstville, AL, where it is being used to perform research on a new method for remotely detecting gaseous agents using a double-resonance detection technique.  This ultrashort-pulse CO2 laser system plays a critical role for enabling double-resonance detection.

For more information about STI’s ultrashort-pulse CO2 laser system, please contact us.